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Is you deli counter staff dependent?

We have the solution.

With just one application you have full control of every product in the deli counter! Starting now you don't have to use pen and paper in the deli counter at all - while being fully compliant with local food regulations.

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One tool that solves something for everyone in the deli counter

Keep track of open products

The Deli counter module gives you full control of the shelf life of all products in the counter.

Don't worry about the food safety inspectors

The log function allows you to easily show a food safety inspectors that you follow all the rules and regulations

Don't throw away food - freeze it

The solution keeps track of frozen products that could be used by in store production (Instead of becoming waste).

Make the reception of beef easy and digital

Simply scanning the barcodes of beef products allows you to capture all the information necessary to comply with regulations.

Chill with the grill

A digital overview and log of all your grill and cooling temperatures makes it easy to manage your grilled products.

Don't waste time on price cards

Printing and laminating price takes a lot of time. With our solution you print a new card in less than 5 seconds. All done from behind the counter.

Don't trust us,
trust major Swedish retailers.

Simple and user friendly system. All the staff has understod the system really fast. Basically no onboarding required, it just makes sense.
The Deli Counter, Supermarket Fiolen
Having all the tools, from managing shelf life to the card printer, in one tool is amazing. It is super simple for the stores to print a price card and we as a chain can ensure we have a consistent look in all stores. That is so good.
Group 2
Ann-Sofie Holmgren
Head coach, fish and deli counters. City gross
It is an incredible quality win for us to know how many days in advance a ham is set to expire. It allows us to have relevant campaigns and make sure we manage to sell products before they expire.
Marlene Nyberg
Head of the Deli, Stora Coop Visby

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